eScan A350
Plusteks eScan A350 allows end users to instantly power up the device for fast scanning. Its built-in 7 LCD touch screen is intuitive and offers a quick way to review or even crop targeted images before delivering the final digitally captured data. People can send or save the final image in different file formats to multiple destinations such as USB drive network folder mobile e-mail or a variety of cloud service providers.
Plustek eScan is a standalone network scanner designed to facilitate the digitizing process of your office paperwork in one central location. It’s very easy to use compact and portable. Scan preview and sending documents have never been easier. All can be done without being tether to another device e.g. computer.
The eScan A350 coup with many renowned document management software partners optimizes one’s digitalizing process. Seamlessly connected; the easy to operate navigation touchscreen gives users greater accessibility with premium admin controls. It includes advanced preconfigured scan settings job buttons that can simplify document collaboration to help manage your solution deployment at scale.
No Wifi functionality.


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