Verbatim 16GB Micro+ USB2.0 Bl Store N Go, Lifetime Warranty
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The Verbatim Micro+ USB Drive may be physically small but is certainly tough! Weighing in at only 3 grams and only 4.4mm thick this is a micro USB drive with a difference. The rugged SIP (System In Package) design encapsulates and protects the electronic components from water, dust and debris whilst the protective rubber cover shields the USB connector when not in use, withstanding rough, everyday handling. The Micro+ USB Drive features a USB 2.0 interface (also compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 1.1) and with the large carrying ring, can easily be attached to keyrings, notebook binders and lanyards. Making taking your daily files and folders with you, effortless! Available in 8 - 32GB capacities. Capacity: 16GB Product Number: 97764 Features and Benefits: Compact, rugged design. Flexible, protective rubber cover. Large carrying ring allows you to take your important files with you. Verbatim 2 Year Limited Warranty
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